Secretary, Robotics Club, IIT Kanpur

  • Supervised the overall administrative functioning and finance of the Robotics Club.

  • Conducted lectures and organised workshops with over 100 attendees to help students gain insight into fundamentals of Robotics.

Winner - IBM Icare 2013

  • Designed an Android application to recognise Hindi songs from a 10 second song snippet and provide the meta data of that song to the user.

  • Recognition was depended on a database of about 1000 songs.

  • Took approximately 2-3 seconds for a single recognition task.

  • Awarded prize money of Rs. 30,000.

Winner - Microsoft 2013

  • Designed "Orchestral Revolution": Kinect Application to virtually play and learn a musical instrument.

  • Awarded the first prize and a Nokia Lumia 510.

Smart Email Client

  • Designed a smarter email client which could automatically filter messages into specific folders.

  • Used TF-IDF and SVM classifier to put the new emails into specific folders using the bag of words model.

GYPH (Get Your Personal Homepage)

  • It is a web app based on python web development framework designed using flask hosted at

  • It programmatically generates HTML personal homepage based on the input provided for users with little/no HTML experience.

Lecture hall booking portal

  • An online web portal for booking lecture halls with automatic clash detection, login/logout facility and an event calendar to display the week's events.


  • Developed a multi-player square lling game using pygame. Project webpage: